Buying or renting in Montreal? Discover the most profitable option

As the prices of rents in Montreal soar, many households find themselves at a crossroads, wondering whether it’s wiser to buy or rent a property.

In 2023, the average rent price has climbed to over $2000 per month, a significant sum for numerous individuals who are already often faced with high daily costs.*


The purchase of a studio offers several advantages for those aiming to maximize their investment while residing in a quality space.

Here are a few reasons why buying a studio in Montreal is a smart and profitable option:

1- Long-Term Profitability : With rent prices continuously rising, buying a studio can be a prudent investment. By purchasing a studio, you’re turning your rental money into a tangible investment that can appreciate over the years.

2- Financial Stability : Buying a studio allows you to lock in your accommodation costs for the years to come. You won’t have to worry about rent hikes or unforeseen expenses.

3- Investment Opportunity : If you choose to sell, your studio will likely have gained significant value, allowing you to recoup…

4- Access to Quality Amenities : To address the need for space, the majority of new projects offer fitness rooms, co-working spaces, and communal terraces. These facilities contribute to creating a pleasant and stimulating living environment.

5. Subvention: Studios sometimes qualify for the residential acquisition support program offered by the city of Montreal, providing a subvention of up to $15,000.

Great news! Our studios qualify 😉

If you’re seeking a studio in Montreal that combines these advantages, we invite you to explore the Les Loges project.

Adjacent to the L’Assomption metro and boasting over 20,000 sq2 of communal spaces, the Les Loges project offers modern and well-equipped studios, ideal for those who wish to live in a quality space while making a profitable investment. Moreover, by purchasing a studio before October 31, 2023, receive a retractable wall bed worth over $6000 before taxes, allowing you to combine a sofa and bed according to its arrangement, without taking up additional space.

With delivery scheduled for the fall of 2023, don’t miss this opportunity to make an intelligent and profitable choice for your Montreal life.

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