As you exit L’Assomption Metro station, one thing jumps out at you: Everything is in progress. With a little imagination, you can see the promise of a flourishing neighbourhood, like Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Brick Lane in London or, more recently, Griffintown in Montreal.

L’Assomption is an opportunity to imagine better, to design better, to better rethink living space and its integration into the environment. But for that, we have to go back to the source. 1976. The eyes of the world were on Montreal, which was booming back then. Montreal’s Olympic Park was born, with its bold, future-oriented stadium.

Limits are made to be pushed, and conventions rethought; that is the real Olympic legacy. Living at Les Loges de L’Assomption takes you to the top of the neighbourhood, where you can see a new future. The Montreal of tomorrow.

Overlooking the Olympic Village, three tiered terraces sit atop a rectangular base – three new lookouts on the city. This inventive power, this vision of renewal, is what drives us to set new standards for this neighbourhood.

Building a visionary, better thought-out place to live, based on cutting-edge architecture – the starting point for everything that is to follow. With green spaces, local shops and access to the Metro, Les Loges offers a promising future for the whole neighbourhood!

The Project

The Project

Making space for your life

After completing many large-scale projects, notably in Europe, and developing expertise in multi-unit buildings in Montreal over the last decade, Vivenda knows how to set the bar high.

Design is at the heart of their creations. Intelligent design, where form and function blend to offer unparalleled comfort and quality of life by incorporating the characteristics of the immediate surroundings. Well-thought-out units, for living spaces that are always pleasant and common areas that are extraordinary. The result: An unmatched living experience.

Fashioning living spaces through inspiring architecture, shaping the dynamics of a neighbourhood and supporting community living – this is what drives us to outdo ourselves.


The Project

Another striking creation

Les Loges was conceived and designed by ACDF Architecture. North American attention to detail and pragmatism combined with European flamboyance and sensitivity, at the service of your well-being.